Illuminate Your Underwater Journey with the APLOS AP01 Dive Light
05.29.2023 | Aplos | Aplos Blog

The APLOS AP01 Dive Light is a compact yet powerful companion for divers, offering exceptional brightness and reliability for underwater exploration. With a maximum output of 1050 lumens and a color temperature of 5000K - 5700K, this mini dive flashlight delivers a cold white light beam that assists in observing targets up to 170 meters (558 feet) away.

Equipped with three lighting modes, the AP01 allows for easy adjustment of brightness levels with a button switch located behind the light's head. Whether you require maximum brightness, low illumination, or SOS signaling, this diving light provides the versatility to meet your specific requirements.

The AP01 Dive Light boasts a long battery life, thanks to the included 3000mAh rechargeable battery. With a continuous runtime of up to 1.5 hours at the high mode, you can enjoy extended underwater adventures without worrying about running out of power. The added convenience of a USB charger allows you to easily recharge the battery using a computer, power bank, or wall charger. The battery indicator design provides a clear indication of the battery power level, ensuring you stay informed during your dives.

Built to withstand the demands of underwater environments, the AP01 features a rugged construction. Made from AL-6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, it offers excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and seawater corrosion. With its IPX8 waterproof rating and three extra O-rings for added sealing, this professional diving flashlight can be safely submerged up to 100 meters (328 feet), making it suitable for various diving and snorkeling activities.

The AP01 Dive Light is designed for easy one-handed operation, with a convenient bottom switch for quick and effortless on/off functionality. Its compact size and portable design make it an ideal choice for scuba diving, fishing, salvage operations, underwater photography, as well as camping and hiking adventures.

In summary, the APLOS AP01 Dive Light combines superb brightness, versatile lighting modes, long battery life, and durable construction, making it a reliable companion for underwater exploration. Illuminate your path and discover the wonders of the underwater world with the AP01 Dive Light by your side.


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